Consolidating Supply Chain Systems in Construction Product Handling

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a major representative in the construction industry. They have a global presence in the field of Specialist Construction Projects (SCPs) – it deals with ceilings, roofing products, thermal insulation, floor coverings, and much more. The client is well known for this specialization, and their vision is to become a global leader for sustainable modern working environments. 


Due to the global expansion strategy the company has taken upon, many of its systems have been outstretched and their quality of work has been distributed, it has encountered delays in deliveries, increased occurrences of errors and lower overall stability. Additionally, the company noticed a trend of slowing down of existing procedures, which in turn negatively impacted on the current business partnerships that the Client already had. The Client needed a middleware monitoring solution in-between their ever-expanding systems, they needed custom solutions that would solidify their network of systems and a method for monitoring this one-for-all solution.  


The solution that the Client chose to counter the challenges was the Intelligent Integration SnapLogic Platform. The team at IWConnect built custom monitoring pipelines, as well as implementing the PowerBI reporting solution. The monitoring pipelines, along with the PowerBI reporting solution, provided the clients a method of finding process bottlenecks, it insured for on-time error handling and report generation. 

Business Outcomes

The applied custom solution allowed the Client to improve its existing network granting them stability in the expansion initiatives. There were also significant statistical improvements such as lowering error recurrence and out-of-sight operational advancements such as introducing detailed reports which helped the client’s project leads the way of reaching goals faster with increased accuracy. 

  • 60% increased stability in process handling 
  • 50% improvement in error recurrence 
  • 100% increase in monitoring and reporting of errors 

By using the custom solution, project stakeholders got a better grip of the network of systems and their data, providing full visibility to all data and efficient operating of all systems. The decrease of the time needed for execution led to faster execution of tasks and activities with no data loss. In addition to this, there was a significant decrease of error occurrence followed by ample reporting. The solutions influenced the stability and consistency of the Client’s systems, significantly improving the performance of the company as a global powerhouse in its industry.