Building, Scaling, and Extending an Enterprise Data Warehouse with Optimal Performance

Overview & Challenge

Our client, one of the world’s largest musical instruments retailer in the United States, wanted to establish an efficient mechanism for building an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) with optimal performance, minimizing support issues and providing rapid time to value.

Complex data transformations and calculations are performed based on the business needs and the data is loaded into IBM PureData as a central data storage. Rich visualizations are done in MicroStrategy BI and Analytics tool. Following best practices and principles is crucial through the process of building the data warehouse and its proper usage.


We delivered a scalable enterprise data warehouse solution as a central location and permanent storage space for the various data sources needed to support the company’s analysis, reporting, and other BI functions.

Business Outcomes

  • Improved decision-making process by having data from various sources delivered by Enhanced Business Intelligence.
  • Quick access to critical data from a number of sources and they can rapidly make informed decisions on key initiatives.
  • High level of data quality and consistency.
  • Each data set from the various departments is standardized, and each department produces results that are in line with all other departments.
  • Gained improvement of precisely calculated time savings in thousands of hours per month.
  • Highly improved business intelligence based on the accurate and verified data with efficient and rich reports in
  • Fast and accurate information delivery enables a number of high-value business practices and makes data available for dashboards and other types of operational or management reports.