AWS Cost Optimization

Overview & Challenge

The client is a US-based leader in logistics and transportation software and services. Their focus is on changing the supply chain in a way that will replace the traditional logistics. The solutions they provide to their customers are designed to improve their efficiency, minimize risk, and increase profit from new business opportunities.

The client’s smooth internal operating is a result of their dedication to efficiency not only for their customers but also internally. However, the client has realized that they are experiencing high-operational cloud monthly expenses and wanted to optimize the operational costs.


The solution includes re-evaluating the architecture deployed to Amazon Web Services followed by the introduction of changes to the company’s policies regarding resource creation and resource tagging. This enables the management to easily identify and group expenses by different organizational units or subdivisions.

Business Outcomes

The solution enabled the client to take control of the costs, optimize the processes, while continuously providing the same outstanding value to their customers. Key benefits included:

• Easy resource ownership identification across the AWS environment, providing easy resource decisions for Architects.
• By enforcing Tag Policy compliance, the possibility of creating accurate expenditure reports for the whole set of resources to different resource owners or teams was provided.
• The internal company procedures for resource creation were changed and all resource creation scripts were migrated to version control, thus providing a mechanism for control.
• Reduced the overall architecture expenses by terminating resources, resizing instances.
• Provided additional savings by switching some of the resources to reserved instances.
• More savings are obtained by mixing sport with on-demand instances in Autoscaling groups.