Automating the Order Process to Improve Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention by Using Microsoft Azure

Overview & Challenge

The Client is one of the biggest companies in the oil industry in the USA, with a service area of more than a thousand clients. With expertise in more than 120 countries, their mission is to create technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all. Their employees are constantly focused on providing leading digital solutions to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry.


The Client continually upgrades its internal operations to improve customer acquisition and customer engagement. However, their internal and external systems for accepting and processing purchase orders were disconnected, and they did not have access to timely, reliable customer data that would enable them to improve customer experience. In addition to this, they manually transferred the orders from one system to another which often resulted in errors. The daily increase of orders influenced the efficiency of the process affecting the accuracy of the orders, and costing the client time, and money.

There was no easy way to fully automate the process of transferring orders across the enterprise, which prevented them from improving customer experience. The client turned to ⋮IWConnect to automate and optimize the order process, and transform the customer experience by applying automation.


The solution included using Microsoft Azure to create a completely custom solution from scratch which integrates both internal and external systems and automates the order process. This fully automated process allows the automatic transfer of orders from external to internal systems, improving operational efficiency and customer service. The process also optimizes the decision-making process by giving the client complete, integrated, and accurate data. Additionally, the solution includes timely reports which provide valuable insights into departments’ performance, giving the Client room for improvement to meet customers’ expectations.

Since the solution allows fast synchronization and is scalable, it eliminates redundant or unnecessary work and accelerates productivity and time to value.

Business Outcomes

The solution enabled the client to align their internal processes, synchronize their internal and external systems, automate the order process, and drive improved performance and efficiencies. Key results included:

  • 80% manual work reduction
  • Minimized production application downtime
  • Improved data security
  • Optimized cloud costs
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention
  • Increased company revenue