Automating the Onboarding Process by Using JIRA

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a leading IT company in Europe, existing on the market for more than 10 years, focused on providing outstanding value to their clients in the USA and Europe. The Client’s success comes as a result of the long-standing relationships that they build with the clients, their integrity, and dedication. Their project portfolio includes clients in various industries and sizes.

As an IT company expanding globally on the market, the Client’s need for new employees increases proportionally. Their process of hiring people is easy and not as complicated as the process of onboarding of the new employee. This process consists of two main steps, with appropriate sub-steps included: 1) assigning people responsible for the onboarding process, and 2) assigning the new employee to different internal systems. However, the Client had no system to track all the steps and sub-steps, making it hard for the HR department to follow the onboarding. In addition, the process included a lot of communication between the involved parties and the HR department and chances for potential errors which only slowed the process down.

The solution included creating a custom Onboarding solution in Jira ServiceDesk helpdesk tool.

Business Outcomes

Using the custom Onboarding solution, the client ensured consistency and compliance in the onboarding process. Additionally, the process was completely automated and designed to be easy to follow and maintain. This in turn increased the efficiency and productivity of the entire HR team, and all the parties responsible for the onboarding process.

– A highly organized automated process that increases efficiency and transparency in the onboarding process.

– Automatic assignment of a great number of different tasks to different assignees which lowers the possibility for human mistakes.

– Eliminated unnecessary email threads.

– Reduced the time by 80% for organizing the affected parties for the onboarding process.