Automating Manual Reporting Procedures for CI/CD

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a major representative in the construction industry. They have a global presence in the field of Specialist Construction Projects (SCPs) – it deals with ceilings, roofing products, thermal insulation, floor coverings, and much more. The client is well known for this specialization, and its vision is to become a global leader in sustainable modern working environments. 


With the Client’s major presence, they strive for improvements in efficiency and effectiveness with their projects. Related to this, the company has encountered an issue with the statistical reports between two of its systems. They had a bottleneck process where their IT team was caught up in manual statistics reporting on the execution times of their processes. This crucial task was taking one full working day to be completed, and it tied up internal human resources to a particular outlier issue. 


The solution included automation of the manual reporting procedure by implementing an automatic performance calculator to measure the performance of the processes. The solution ensured 100% accuracy in reports and a timely manner in delivery. Built-up as a custom solution on the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, the solution completely automated the manual work and decreased the time needed to fulfill a task from one day to less than a minute. Moreover, this solution can be executed on a schedule or by demand, with a trigger that’s activated with a click of a button. 

Business Outcomes

By implementing the solution, applying the know-how and expertise, the ⋮IWConnect DevOps team affected the Client’s day-to-day work. They were fully satisfied with the urgency of the quick solution, praising the detailed and creative approach. 

  • 100% lowering of time needed for getting reports 
  • 100% automation of the manual process 
  • 100% freeing up staff for utilization on other initiatives 

The biggest gain for the Client other than automating a manual process was the freeing up of internal resources. They could move human talent to other initiatives and business campaigns within the enterprise. The solution implemented with this Client is a validation of how solving and automating a process for CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment) can influence business performance for the whole business entity.