Automating Invoice Processing by Leveraging Low-Code Platforms

Overview & Challenge

The Client is one of the biggest banks in the European banking industry, founded 20 years ago, and is part of a global international banking group. The Client is dealing with a wide range of different banking products and services, including products and services focused on development, financing, and support for individuals and enterprises.

The client continuously strives to keep up with technological and procedural advancements, and they focus on improving internal operations to push for complete customer satisfaction.


Being one of the biggest banks in the European banking industry means having a lot of customers worldwide, and continuously delivering an outstanding customer experience. As digitalization continues to be involved in every segment of working, the Client wanted to leverage the effectiveness of intelligent automation to process their invoices. Up until automating invoice processing, the Client was manually processing invoices resulting in delays in payment, risks of fraud, missing invoices, and incorrect or missing information which led to customer churn. Since customer satisfaction is the main target, the Client’s goal was to automate invoice processing in a fast and efficient way to reduce and even stop customer churn.


After reviewing different alternatives, the Client chose to use the Microsoft Power Platform.

Using one of the Power Platform capability, AI Builder, we used the power of Microsoft AI to the Client’s needs, without the need for coding or data science skills. AI Builder Form processing feature extracts the paper invoice data with OCR technology. The extracted data is then processed with a Power Automate Desktop flow where a bot enters the data in a legacy system. Users are receiving notifications about valid and invalid data in order to proceed accordingly.

Business Outcomes

By utilizing various software tools and systems, while also considering various approaches, complete automation of invoice processing in regards to OCR payments was fulfilled. The solution was implemented to the Client’s legacy applications and error handling procedures were added. Manual code development and maintenance were eliminated, thus, removing the risk of the human error factor in batch payment processing.

  • 95% automation of manual invoice processing
  • 80% reduction of error occurrence
  • 40% increase in operational efficiency
  • 100% increase in handling reports of invalid records

The Client has also recognized significant improvement in the transparency of employees’ tasks, and there is a better overview and management of business processes. The OCR implementation was a big hit, increasing the success of the company and allowing for greater market competitiveness in the future.