Automated Testing of CRM Mobile Application

Overview & Challenge

The Client is an electronic components retailer existing on the market for more than 30 years. Their services include sourcing, managing, and distributing various electronic components for various devices starting from mobile phones to even drilling systems. Their enterprise consists of around 20 branch offices in 16 places around the world. Providing reliable global electronics, the client ranks among the top 6 global distributors.

To provide better service to their existing customers and expand their customer base, the Client decided to implement a native mobile CRM solution for both Android and iOS. Since the CRM mobile application was supposed to provide the customers with multiple functionalities to manage their requirements for purchasing products from the client, including information about the availability of particular products, creating quotes, creating requirements for products, receiving offers, etc. the application had to be tested and functional on all devices.


The solution ensured functional mobile application according to the requirements. It was done by following the established Agile Testing Pattern (ATP) through multiple test activities executed in parallel.

Business Outcomes

  • Working functionality/user story at the end of each sprint, giving reliable status of the application to the project stakeholders;
  • Systematic and trackable testing process that ensures what/when/how was verified;
  • Testing framework that enabled running same automated tests on both Android and iOS devices;
  • Efficient continuous testing on-device test cloud, ensuring the application is working on different Android and/or iOS devices with different OS versions;
  • Functional mobile application that satisfied customer needs.