Automated Performance Testing

Overview & Challenge

The Client is one of the largest US music retailer chain with more than 200 locations, existing on the market for more than 50 years. Besides selling musical instruments, the Client also offers music lessons and repair of musical instruments. Their mission is to ensure that everyone, musicians and non-musicians enjoy when playing or learning to play a musical instrument.

To ensure the best customer experience, the client wanted constant performance monitoring of their multiple e-commerce websites. This meant implementing a solution for automated performance testing using open-source tools that provide insights into multiple performance metrics of the websites, as well as, detection of performance degradation.

The testing should be done periodically, and cover multiple scenarios related to customer experience. In addition, reports should be created to indicate performance degradation and potential problems.

Business Outcomes

  • Very fast detection of performance issues on new or existing critical flows;
  • Improved customer experience for all e-commerce sites owned by the client;
  • Increased visits of the sites by 60%, resulting in an increased number of customer orders;
  • Functional and operational e-commerce sites even in peak sales periods;
  • No down-time period of all e-commerce sites under performance testing.