Asset Management Using JIRA

Overview & Challenge

The Client is a leading IT company in Europe, existing on the market for more than 10 years, focused on providing outstanding value to their clients in the USA and Europe. The Client’s success comes as a result of the long-standing relationships that they build with the clients, their integrity, and dedication. Their project portfolio includes clients in various industries and sizes.

The Client is focused on constantly improving its systems, hardware and software, and its inventory. This means that every month they have to add new items to their inventory lists and update them appropriately. Having more than 100 employees, the list of assets just gets bigger and bigger. Using spreadsheets, excel files, and shared cloud locations such as Dropbox to manage them is not a long-term solution due to the inability for fast and efficient asset managing. Additionally, this solution doesn’t allow real-time access for regular data updates and data checks. The client needed a solution that would automate, digitalize, and structure the asset management process.

By using Jira, the client organized the Asset Management in one Jira project.


The custom Asset Management solution enabled the client to have an effective managing of all the assets within the company thus saving costs. Besides, it also provided them with one single location for all information, ready, and accessible to all affected parties.

  • A list of all inventory set by location is available at any time.
  • Easy tracking of hardware replacement.
  • Regular updates of assets responsibilities.
  • Tracking of transitions of repair orders.
  • Detailed asset history.