Analysis, Gaining Insights and Recommendations of a Team Building Event

Overview & Challenge

KAK is a company that specializes in hospitality management and has a special segment dedicated to organizing events. The company has been known for organizing international team building events, where companies of various sizes and industries are included, as well as, for organizing wedding expos, individual team buildings for companies, etc. The success they have depends on the various programs they offer, as well as on the personal relationship they established and the recommendations they provide for improvement.

In order to improve the service, the client wanted to get more detailed and thorough insights into the way events are organized, regarding the number of attendees, satisfaction, emotions, age, and get recommendations that would help them to get better with each future event. Up until the point they turned for automation of the feedback process, everything was done manually – sending and gathering of feedback forms, analysis of the results, and deciding on future actions.


To solve the problem with inaccurate and prolonged feedback, our client KAK, employed our Azure Cognitive Services solution which requires only uploading images for analysis and providing feedback.

Business Outcomes

The solution enabled the client to gain thorough insights about the events by only uploading photos, which eliminated the time needed for sending and analyzing feedback forms. This, in turn, improved future events and increased attendees’ satisfaction as the solution also provided recommendations for future events. Key results:

  • Thorough event analysis regarding the total number of attendees, gender, and age.
  • Analysis of different emotions by milestones.
  • Dashboards displaying all emotions present on the event, segmented by milestones and type of emotion (happiness, sadness, neutral, etc.).
  • A thorough sentiment analysis followed by recommendations.
  • Immediate results in one place.