An Easy and Automated Way to Trace All Your Internal Shipments, Packages, and Mails

Overview & Challenge

Every corporation having more than one office within one country sends shipments from one branch office to another, and sometimes the process of sending and tracking can be an easier one or a complex one depending on how it goes. One of the biggest bank corporations in North Macedonia with several branch offices throughout North Macedonia had the problem of tracking shipments from one city to another.

In other words, they encountered multiple problems with this process because it was hard to follow the shipments, they didn’t have enough details about the sender, no transparency, reports and control, and above all no traceability and a lot of paperwork.


Having in mind all the problems in the old process that our client had, we created an automated and centralized solution using the Jira Core business process management tool. The tracking solution that we implemented as a custom process provides a transparent, flexible, and automated way of tracking shipments through the entire process, from handing over to delivery.

Business Outcomes

  • A highly organized, transparent, and automated process.
  • Increased traceability of shipments.
  • The involved parties have information about the shipment status in real-time.
  • Improved transparency by 90%.
  • Increased shipments traceability by 90%.
  • Increased control of documents.
  • Decreased unnecessary flow of information to parties that are not concerned.
  • Reduced amount of paper used which in turn resulted in saving trees and reducing waste.