Achieving Optimal Web Platform

Overview & Challenge

Being recognized as a company with the highest increase rate and one of the most successful companies requires constantly following processes and systems, and doing improvements accordingly to remain where you are and go even higher. Our client in the financial industry in the past years has been recognized as the company with the highest increase rate and between the top ten successful companies. One of the factors influencing their success has been the web platform/solution that they have designed and developed specifically for their needs. The web platform/solution allowed the employees of the company to handle all of their daily tasks (invoice workflow) towards the client.

The web platform/solution consisted of several background processes – such as the process for linking and auto matching the payments with the invoices, process for generating reports, etc., which needed time to be completed. As the company was moving on its way to success, the usage of the web platform increased which on the other hand lead to a slow-responding web page. The processes that were running in the background were slowing the entire web page, leading to poor customer experience and usage difficulties.

To support its growth, our client has asked for a solution that will make the usage of the web platform smooth and efficient for the end-users.

How to solve it?


Once our PHP team has done a thorough analysis of the web platform/solution and the problems it has, we proposed the implementation of worker machines usage. The solution was deployed on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Business Outcomes

The provided solution has provided an optimal performance of the web platform/solution, leading to an increased number of users, increased user satisfaction, as well as increased productivity and increased response time of the web platform/solution.

  • Increased user satisfaction by 40%
  • Increased productivity by 60%
  • Decreased web platform loading time by 70%