A Messaging Solution that Handles Real-time Data, Feeds, Collects, and Sends Notifications for a Financial Services System

Overview & Challenge

Our client works in the finance industry, and his main specialty is providing banking and financial services for both individuals and businesses. Like many other companies, the client was interested in improving the services they offer, more specifically they were interested in streaming their client’s data in real-time and providing valuable and up-to-date information to their customers. Streaming data is widely used within the banking and finance industry and we needed to connect the dots and get a better grasp of the current needs and trends.

The main goal was to deploy a brand-new capability to alert users for every transaction. The transaction data already existed in a database, so we used Apache Kafka for sending messages between applications and distributed systems. The client received information on email and by SMS every time there was a transaction on the account(s).  Also, the bank received and continued processing information every time there was a suspicious transaction by multiple criteria. Additionally, the events had to be processed in real-time.


⋮IWConnect delivered a flexible and scalable solution that streams data in real-time using Apache Kafka and related technologies like Kafka Connect and KSQL.

Business Outcomes

Using the solution, the client was able to:

  • Reduce the need for multiple integrations as all the data goes through Apache Kafka.
  • Handle the messages with very low latency of the range of milliseconds.
  • Handle high-velocity and high-volume data.
  • Support the message throughput of thousands of messages per second.
  • Improve data access – the fraud team will be able to access the user’s data directly, alongside other feeds such as financial data or website interactions.