A Complete and Streamlined End to end Supply Chain Solution

Overview & Challenge

The client is a specialist building material supplier with over 6 thousand employees operating across Europe and existing on the market for more than 50 years. They have an extensive portfolio of products for different sectors, such as building, construction, off-site manufacturing, and process sectors.

Supply chain is a crucial part of the efficient operating of the company and as such during the course of their work they had experienced some challenges which influenced their growth. The client was experiencing a lack of communication between the resupplying legacy system and the third-party vendors responsible for resupplying, inefficient and costly order shipment and delivery process, and time-consuming refunds and return process.

What the client needed was optimization, and streamlining of their supply chain that would enable the continuous communication and data flow between the systems.


The solution included using SnapLogic as an iPaaS to establish mechanisms and specific triggers that will ensure seamless communication and data flow among the systems. In addition, it includes continuous monitoring of SnapLogic integrations to ensure significant Source and target API error reduction, lower ticket resolution time, increased productivity, and efficiency.

Business Outcomes

By combining ⋮IWConnect expertise with SnapLogic and DevOps, the client succeeded in breaking down data silos, getting full end-to-end data visibility, appropriately meeting customer needs, and even exceeding their expectations. The timely and fast reaction based on the seamless communication and data flow between the dispersed systems ensured competitive advantage and accelerated time to value.

The continuous monitoring of the integrations resulted in significant Source and Target API error reduction, lower ticket resolution time, increased productivity and efficiency. Key results include:

  • Successful and continuous data load and flow within the enterprise, and with third-party vendors;
  • 24/7 up and running environment;
  • Reduction in cost, and improved customer service;