Streamline your operations and boost your operational efficiency. Reduce costs by having all your data in one central location. Improve your decision-making process by having fast access to real-time data.

Our Integration Tech Business Unit has been built over many years starting with Enterprise Application Integration, then Service Oriented Architecture, which evolved to Micro Service Development and API Management. This Business Unit is further distinguished by our advanced expertise in Traditional Integration with MuleSoft and TIBCO, and SnapLogic – iPaaS.

Our Integration Tech Business Unit will partner with your organization to build out an Integration Competency Center, designed to enable your organization to integrate data and resources in a logical, scalable, and cost-effective way in order to deliver a lasting competitive advantage.

Benefits that you will experience:

  • Significant reduction in integration errors, >65%
  • Cost & Time effective ramp-up
  • Improved system scalability and performance
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Accelerated revenue realization
  • Improved data representation, harmonization, and data analytics
  • Reduced complexity and increased business agility

Our mission is LINES (Linked Integrated Network of Enterprise Solutions/Systems) between DOTS (Digitally Optimized Technology Solutions)!

Integrate your systems to gain lasting competitive advantage.


Our Accomplishments