IWant Search: AI Search on Your Website That Gets You

13 Mar, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Think of the last time you used a website’s search bar. Frustrated? Lost? A sinking feeling that the answer’s in there, but you just can’t find it?

We get that. Traditional search tools on websites have their limits. They spit out results based on keywords, not what you truly need. It’s clunky. It wastes your time.

IWant Search changes that.

IWant Search isn’t just about matching words. We’ve trained it on our own data and to understand the ideas behind your questions, like a search buddy with an uncanny grasp of your intent. This AI-powered insight is what sets it apart.

Think of it like this: Traditional search is a guessing game. IWant Search is a conversation that learns with every word.

Why AI Search Matters

Here’s why this evolution is a big deal:

  • Meaning, Not Just Matches: No more cryptic keyword puzzles. Ask questions in plain English and IWant Search deciphers your goal.
  • Results That Know You: The more you use it, the better it gets. Recommendations become tailor-made as IWant Search learns your preferences.
  • A Personalized Search That Never Sleeps: This AI is always training, always refining what it serves up. Your results get sharper over time.

Search Like Talking to a Friend

Imagine asking a tech-savvy friend for help. You’d use your own words, right? No robotic keyword lists, just a normal conversation.

IWant Search works the same way. Instead of asking “integration solutions finance,” ask it “What are good integration solutions for companies in the finance industry?” Forget the cryptic search queries or Google search engine lingo. The AI powered search on our website understands your intent.

Answers That Hit the Mark

Here’s the magic. IWant Search doesn’t just scan for surface-level matches. It dives into the context of your question, aiming to extract the real intent. So, instead of a long list of vaguely related links on a website, you get tailored answers with pages or case studies that truly answer what you actually asked.

This saves you from the frustration of aimless wandering through search results.

IWant Search is Integration-Focused (For Now)

At the moment our AI website search engine is zeroed in on helping you find the best integration-related case studies and knowledge on our site. It’s a deep dive into a specific world. But make no mistake, this is just the starting line. The potential is limitless.

We plan to expand IWant Search’s reach beyond case studies… articles, videos, our whole knowledge base. We plan on building it to understand your voice, not just your typing.

Your Feedback Shapes the Future

IWant Search is still in its exciting beta stage. That means your input matters more than ever. So, get out there, try it on our website! Experiment with different questions, explore the recommendations, and don’t hold back on feedback.

You’re not just a user, we want you as our collaborator.

The AI Revolution is In Your Hands

As AI and machine learning experts, we at IWConnect are fascinated by the possibilities. IWant Search is our gift to you, but it’s also an experiment. We can take AI search to incredible places, even on your own website, but we need your help to get there. Share your experience – the good and the “needs improvement” on marketing@iwconnect.com.

Want to explore how AI solutions could transform your business? Reach out to sales@iwconnect.com – let’s make it happen.

We’re deeply invested in artificial intelligence and its potential. Solutions that learn and adapt are the future, and we’re dedicated to innovation in this space.

Ready to take the next step? The search experience of the future is within reach. Join us in building it, together.