Month: October 2023

Mastering Secure Kubernetes-to-S3 Access with Terraform 

In today’s cloud-native landscape, Kubernetes has emerged as a powerful orchestrator for containerized applications, enabling seamless scaling, deployment, and management. With the rise of Kubernetes, the need to securely interact with cloud storage services, like AWS S3, has become increasingly vital. Ensuring that your Kubernetes pods can access S3 buckets securely is not only a […]

Enhancing Insurance Data Management: Salesforce to Snowflake integration using MuleSoft

In today’s data-centric world, businesses rely heavily on extensive historical records to make informed decisions and maintain their competitive edge. Within the insurance industry, maintaining a complete history of insurance records is not merely a requirement; it’s a strategic advantage. It enables understanding customer trends, tracking policy changes, and ensuring regulatory compliance. However, managing and […]

Performance Testing At a Glance

Speed. Stability. Scalability. These critical pillars uphold the foundation of a quality digital experience. But how can you ensure that your software or website measures up when it comes to performance? This is where performance testing enters the stage. The digital market era is transforming the way we do things. Each day, the digital world […]

The Making of a Quality Assurance Consultant: Marija’s Journey to Becoming a Lead in Our QA Practice

Marija Ristevska has been with the company for eight years now, steadily ascending the ladder of growth. Her unwavering commitment to acquiring new knowledge in computer science, mastering new skills, and advancing in the field of Quality Assurance has propelled her to the esteemed position of Lead QA Consultant. In the upcoming lines, you can […]