A team consists of several individuals all of them with different skills and knowledge and working towards one common goal. The good about working in a team is that everyone contributes to the work being done and it gets easier when problems arise. Everything is good to the point where you need to organize them and moreover help them discuss and complete the work they share at one place. How can this be done?

Atlassian offers products which can help your team solve all the problems related to the organization of your team. JIRA Software, Confluence, HipChat, BitBucket and JIRA Service Desk are tools which can give your teams the power to plan and manage their projects easily, effortless team content creation and sharing, team messaging and communications, team code sharing and management, team services and support applications. 

Take a closer look at Atlassian’s products:


Most things worth doing aren’t a one-person job.

They take a team to bring to life. And teams are awesome. The teamwork, well, that can be hard.

That’s why Atlassian makes tools to help teams of all types organize, discuss, and complete their work across devices, offices, and time zones.

So, let’s say your team is preparing to promote a new video game.

Instead of emailing around to the team or having yet another status call or simply hoping that everyone is on the same page, you use Atlassian software.

You collaborate on shared content, you get the right people in on the conversation, and literally get on the same page. You have full visibility into your project.

You prioritize, assign, and track the work in real time so you never have to wonder who’s on it or when will it be done.

You communicate in real-time, too.

The way teams really work: sharing content and context all in one place and it’s there for you and your team to refer back to whenever you need it.

The developers on your team can review, manage, and collaborate on code which means they’re building and shipping software together.

And when you need help you don’t need to know who to ask.

Your service desk handles all the logistics behind the scenes.

You make a request, you get what you need. No drama.

With Atlassian you can write the code that unravels the mysteries of the human genome or create a flawless customer support organization or even ship a hologram.

Atlassian, let’s build what’s next.



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