The Client is a specialist UK bank staffed by experts focused on providing asset finance, specialist mortgages and development finance solutions. They also provide award-winning savings accounts to individuals and businesses.

Project Overview

The focus of this project was to address a significant concern of our long-standing client: the documentation of every existing Snaplogic Integration developed over the years. This initiative was born out of a need to enhance organizational proficiency and knowledge management within their operations.


Over the years, numerous Snaplogic integrations have grown both in number and complexity. The client found it increasingly difficult to comprehend and maintain these integrations primarily because of the absence of proper documentation. This inadequacy meant that the client’s team faced hurdles in adapting to changes, making updates, and managing the integrations efficiently, as there were no detailed records or guides available to refer to, especially for the projects built several years ago.

Client’s Goal

The client aimed to revolutionize their knowledge management system by introducing comprehensive, easy-to-read documentation. Their vision was to have a database that consisted of both visual and written details, encapsulating all the intricate details of each project, therefore making the process of understanding and maintaining the integrations smoother and more streamlined.


Virtual Assistant Pete emerged as the perfect ally in this ambitious endeavor. The utility and efficiency of Virtual Assistant Pete played a crucial role in turning the client’s goal into reality. Here’s how Pete facilitated a successful project outcome:



This project marked a pivotal point in the client’s journey towards achieving a more organized and efficient method of handling their Snaplogic integrations. Leveraging the power of Pete, they could swiftly realize their goal of having a comprehensive documentation system with both visual and written details for each project. This not only streamlined their operations but also fostered an environment of continuous learning and adaptation, positioning them well for future developments and expansions.

Industry: Banking
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