We are proud to state that starting November 2015, ⋮IWConnect has officially become SnapLogic partner. A company that is considered to be a Cloud integrations leader, transforming the way companies connect business applications on-premise and in the cloud. Snaplogic’s hybrid cloud architecture is powered by 300+ Snaps, which are pre-built integration components that simplify and automate complex enterprise integration patterns and processes.

InterWorks Becomes an Official SnapLogic Partner

SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform enables leading enterprises to connect faster and gain a better return on their cloud application and big data investments. Organizations can easily and securely connect a variety of applications or data sources together, while achieving radically better performance and faster implementations than with traditional integration technologies. We have worked with SnapLogic’s technology for a long time now and used it in a lot of projects, so we are glad we formalized our collaboration and became their official partners.