In 2016, ⋮IW renewed its membership in the Microsoft® Partner Network with the confirmation of three technological competencies in June 2016. Back then and till now we owned Silver competencies for Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, Data Platform and Windows and Devices.
We are highly devoted to our own improvement which affects our customers and partners and we are constantly in search of upgrading our knowledge.
Being highly specialized in Microsoft technologies and successful in delivering consulting and software solutions to our customers and partners, we are proud to announce that starting from June 2018, ⋮IW has become a Gold Partner in the Microsofot Partner Network and now we own Gold competence for Windows and Devices.
In other words, becoming a Gold Partner is a clear validation of the quality and proficiency we use in providing IT services/solutions for our customers. Our Microsoft partnership is just a crown to our 14 years existence, but we don’t stop here. ⋮IW continues to learn and support all the latest Microsoft solutions.
We hope to add a few more competencies very soon.