To develop new business models for customers in the area of IoT

The cooperation starts in the Dutch market

The world of business is changing at a fast pace due to the exponential development of technology and advancement. The businesses and the value chains are changing rapidly as well as the expectations from the customer, which demand that their suppliers guide them through the digital transformation, but also provide them with the right selection of tools, solutions, and hardware which make their companies and business models future proof.

To continuously add value and share knowledge to our customers and relations, we are pleased to announce that as of the beginning of February 2020, we have signed a strategic partnership with T-Systems Netherlands – a daughter company of the German Deutsche Telekom – the largest telecommunications and IT services provider in Europe.

T-Systems is becoming a digital frontrunner, where they guide their current and future customers through the digital journey, starting with digital awareness and strategy, developing proof of concept and eventually delivering fully operational solutions.

To enable this transformation and development of the new branch, T-Systems has chosen ⋮IW as a partner to strategically support the development of a unique proposition for the Dutch and European markets. We will mutually provide them knowledge on digital strategy as well as data, data integration, analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, and support of these services and platforms.

We believe that this partnership with T-Systems Netherlands – the leader in the digital service and digitalization – will lead to creating new business models through innovative projects in the IoT field which would be beneficial to everyone.