What is JIRA Software?

JIRA Software is a software management tool developed by Atlassian whose main purpose is to make software teams more agile, more effective and more efficient. It is adaptable to all kinds of teams, no matter of the shape and size. JIRA Software enables teams to be always up-to-date with the team’s progress, since the focus is put on the teams and everyone knows what the other team members are working on, thus having a clear overview of the way the team is reaching the goal. As Atlassian partners, we offer these kind of solutions which will help you move your teams on a next level. Watch the following video about JIRA Software and what it offers.

As for the features of JIRA software you can read more here: https://iwconnect.com/jira-software-development-tool-agile-teams/and you can watch the following video for more info about it:


JIRA Software is the #1 software development tool used by Agile teams, because it was built specifically with Agile teams in mind.

Millions of users rely on JIRA Software every day, to plan, track and release world-class software.

JIRA Software combines JIRA’s workflow engine with the most important elements of Agile development, like flexible Scrum and Kanban boards and real-time reporting.

JIRA Software brings your team together like never before, so that everyone can move towards a common goal, and reach their destination fast.

JIRA Software not only includes the best parts of JIRA Agile, we have redesigned JIRA Software to better match the way your team works.

With the new sidebar, information about every phase of your development lifecycle is just a click away: planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting.

Great software begins with great planning, so we’ve built JIRA Software with flexible planning capabilities for software teams of every shape and size to plan in a way that’s best for them.

You can create stories and tasks from almost any screen in JIRA Software, and then organize them into epics and sprints by dragging and dropping them into your Backlog.

With options for sorting, filtering, and color coding, you can create a Backlog that’s easy for your team to prioritize and work through.

Visibility into projects and issues keeps everyone on the same page, and makes it easy to see what every member of the team is working on.

Whether your team works in Scrum, Kanban, or a mixed methodology, JIRA Software adapts to the needs of your team and style of work.

It also integrates with the developer tools you already use, and pulls information about code changes, builds and deploys right into the issue, so everyone has full context around every story.

Preparing to ship changes to your customers can be a stressful process, which is why JIRA Software provides a real-time overview of the health and status of your next release, from day one of development.

Now, team members can verify that “done” is really done.

No failing builds, outstanding bugs, or unmerged pull requests, and that the code is ready to deploy.

JIRA Software pulls all of the issues you are targeting for a release into a single view, so you can feel confident about your release without spending hours checking off items by hand.

But software teams don’t become great without feedback and iteration.

The best teams constantly re-evaluate priorities, and strive to improve.

That’s why JIRA Software comes with Reports, to give your team real-time data that they can act on.

It even monitors your team’s activity and generates reports like burndown and velocity charts, so a continuous improvement becomes a part of your team’s DNA.

JIRA Software isn’t just a new tool for software development, it’s a new standard of software development.

Join the millions of users around the world who already use JIRA Software to plan, track and release higher-quality software faster than ever before.

After all, there’s a reason it’s the #1 software development tool used by Agile teams.





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