As companies increase day by day, business teams increase as well, projects even more and they got encountered with the problem of managing all of these easily and even more keeping all the teams organized all the time. There are many tools which may help you in doing that, but here we present JIRA Core, which is an Atlassian project and task management tool for business teams. It has a lot of features, among which are: easily managing of projects, monitoring details and measuring performance.

Take a closer look at what JIRA Core offers:


JIRA Core – a project and task management solution for business teams.

Does this sound like your team:

What’s the status? Where is that file? Are we still on schedule?

JIRA Core is for any business team: Marketing, HR, Operations, Legal, Finance and more.

Organize your team work with JIRA Core.

Manage projects

Get started right away and create your first task.

With JIRA Core your business teams can deliver work on time.

Track your tasks through a defined process and visualize it so you always know what’s next.

See all the tasks on your project board.

Filter the board to see tasks assigned to you or what’s due this week.

Plus you can instantly search for anything on your board including other team members tasks.

Monitor details

With JIRA Core increase visibility across the team so that everyone is up to date with the project and tasks statuses.

See all the tasks details and comments and all the work that’s been done.

Receive notifications when work is assigned to you or when someone wants your feedback whether using your laptop or on-the-go with your mobile phone easily search to find the information you need.

Measure performance

With JIRA Core all the project information is in one place. Track what’s still to do and in progress and what’s coming up and get an overview of what’s been done.

JIRA Core is for any business team. See all project information at a glance with JIRA Core.

Try JIRA Core for free today.



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