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Monitor systems and prevent major breakdowns and malfunctions

Why our DevOps team?

Our DevOps Practice exists to monitor all your systems and prevent major breakdowns and malfunctions occur. We work 24/7 so you can concentrate on other things knowing your systems are monitored and functioning properly.

Our varied portfolio of support programs is specifically designed to meet your requirements and scale with your growing needs.

Minimizing business disruption, maximizing protection, and increasing the value of the investment with the appropriate level of customer support is our main goal. Additionally, we strive to reduce the domino effect that can negatively impact users when a device or service fails in a highly optimized and tightly integrated IT environment.

Our Solutions




Configuration of environments DEV, QA and PROD environments under Linux operating system and setup security between the products.


Supporting middleware implementation focused on number management, inventory management and billing system

Charity Organization

24/7 Support of backend services for Charity organization web portal.


Configuring the environment for member portal for company which provides information for passengers who passed the airport and people who have private airplanes.


Implementing/Supporting a web solution for document management system.


Member portal that introduces better member services.

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DevOps Practice Lead

Jira Software

Slavco Jankoski

Slavcho is DevOps Practice Lead with 10+ Years of experience in development, testing, maintenance, design, analysis and deployment of integration solutions and J2EE applications. He has a vast experience in a wide range of technologies used for providing exquisite support 24/7. In addition, he has an extensive experience in full life cycle of the software design process, starting from Proof of Concept to testing and maintenance. Slavcho is a great team player, who has excellent analytical, presentation and interpersonal skills.

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