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It is a high-time to move to the cloud

Why our AWS Cloud team?

New technologies have sparked a golden age of innovation, which forced the already established enterprises to discard legacy constraints to keep up the pace. There is only one solution to gain momentum in this disruption game – moving to the cloud faster. To do that you’ll need smart strategy and implementation with a clear vision of your business goals.

Leverage our strong experience in the cloud, and beyond, from applications to networks and security to achieve what you have set. Leave us all key platform decisions, configuration options, and technology implications. We will work alongside you to build a tailored service management road-map to continually improve the business growth, enable innovation, reduce costs and streamline operations. Besides this, you can leverage our products: ChatBot and CI/CD to increase the business value you deliver.

The journey starts with a purposeful step – let’s do it together.


Our Solutions

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  • Amazon API Gateway

    Amazon CloudWatch

    Amazon Lambda Function

    Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Lex

  • Amazon IAM

    AWS CloudFormation

    AWS Route S3

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

    AWS Elastic Load Balancing

    AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • Amazon Aurora

    Amazon S3

    Amazon Redshift

    Amazon DynamoDB

    Amazon RDS

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

    Amazon EC2 Container Services

  • Amazon Kinesis

    Amazon Simple Queue Services

    Amazon SNS

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AWS Practice Lead

Jira Software

Katerina Pachkova Tashoska

Katerina is a Cloud Practice Lead focused on helping clients move their businesses to the cloud and leverage its benefits. Cloud has always been Katerina’s passion, but before stepping into researching it, she was working on a wide range of technologies and programming languages, building and maintaining enterprise solutions. In addition to being software engineer, she is a mother of two children, loves spending time in nature, reading books, watching non-commercial movies, travelling worldwide, tasting wine and playing games with children. Moto: Job done, let’s move on ?

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