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Increase the efficiency of the processes and collaboration within your organization

Why we should be your Business Support team?

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, software development is increasingly driven by the focused needs of customers and businesses to quickly improve their processes, products, and services.

To provide the best service to your clients, enhance product quality, and increase delivery time, you adopt industry-leading processes which combine your business value with technical value. This, in turn, requires alignment of your internal operations and processes to maximize the efficiency within the company.

As an official Atlassian Solution Partner since 2016, you can leverage our experience and expertise to effectively implement and optimize solutions that best fit your business needs by using a wide range of Atlassian products and services combined with Agile methodologies and will provide you with solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your organization.

We are a small and dedicated team of talented and certified engineers which offers you an innovative approach of Agile development using Atlassian tools, which will reduce the time and cost of delivery to move quickly in the market and operating more effectively and transparently.

Explore our products, solutions, and services that will fit your need and will keep your team moving forward.

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With a long-standing Atlassian Partnership, knowledge and expertise in ServiceNow and Salesforce, we can select the best solutions for your organization, comprehensively meeting your needs with accompanying services.

Licensed Seller of Atlassian Products

We are a licensed seller of Atlassian products, and we offer products for teams, from startup to enterprise, collaboration products for teams of all sizes. If you want to stay on track as you plan, develop, collaborate, and speed up delivery of high-quality products, then you have come in the right place. We can help your teams unleash their full potential and gain a significant competitive edge.

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Reorganize your company and provide better service, solve issues faster and build an everlasting trust with your clients.


Manage your workflows with ease, enable real-time communication, and share results fast.


Have your marketing strategies organized and up-to-date starting from imagination through concept to launch.


Decrease the paperwork, increase the productivity, your employees' morale and the time needed to solve insurance reports


Give your clients an easy way to fill out requests and your team the right tool to follow up on them quickly and easily.

Human Resources

Keep your employees happy and productive with products that follow their path even from recruitment.


Manage and simplify your processes efficiently.


Increase the coordination and communication between your employees and stores, and increase the revenue.

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Certifications and Accreditations

Business Support Practice Lead

Jira Software

Tome Hristovski

Tome is a Business Support Practice Lead with more than 13 years of experience focused in the IT industry. He is skilled at leading teams, mentoring team members, ability to organize multiple complex projects and strong attention to detail. Tome began his career as a Software Developer and by learning management skills, leadership, and change management became Business Support Practice Lead. He has strong interpersonal and team player skills, ability to work in a fast-paced organization with aggressive project technology, feature, and schedule goals. Additionally, he has a thorough understanding of Atlassian products and Agile software development methodology, values, and procedures.

Personal motto: Trust in yourself, set your goals, and move forward without looking back.