In a fast-developing and changing world, using technology to your advantage and finding ways to speed up your processes is crucial if you want to stay competitive on the market. You can find a lot of tips and tricks on how to use certain technology to overcome challenges, and reduce development time, but nothing works better than accelerators. Accelerators not only reduce development time, but they also initiate a shift towards a new working model which has a positive effect on the entire enterprise operating.

During our 16 years of experience, we have been working on a wide variety of projects of all sizes and industries by using different technologies. While providing value to our clients we have realized that there are certain things or parts of the development processes that can be created as a package which can be reused and provide even greater value to clients. Thus, we have created several MuleSoft accelerators which significantly reduce development time, and improve efficiency. Following are some of them:

Error Handling

Resolves common errors that occur during application execution thus reducing development time and enhancing efficiency.

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Shortened development time
  • Easier monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Easy maintenance and upgrade


Monitoring and Alerting Tool

Speeds up the process of monitoring MuleSoft application, reaction and resolving possible connection issues.

  • Fast monitoring system
  • Completely automated
  • Support of multiple independent monitoring processes at the same time


Neptune Connector

Simplifies integration, speeds up the development process and greatly reduces the friction of learning a custom module. ⋮IW Neptune Connector provides data connectivity and allows users to query, update, delete graph data using SPARQL Query Language.

  • Secure connection
  • Reduced development issues and rework
  • Increased developer’s productivity


Shared Variable Library

Reads data from files, stores them, and reuses them whenever similar files come across. In cases when the data values are changed, it updates them accordingly.

  • Improves productivity
  • Enables easier testing maintainability
  • Significantly influences efficiency and consistency


If you want to see how they work, or you want to include some in your project, you can contact us.



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