Coronavirus Preventive Measures – Remote Working

13 Mar, 2020 | 2 minutes read

We are caught up in a time that requires employing a different type of work and getting used to being at home most of the time. Almost two weeks have passed since the first Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case in Macedonia, and the number of people affected increases day by day, though not a lot, meaning that we are handling the situation pretty well. As responsible parties say, we expect the peak to be in 2 to 4 weeks, meaning the beginning and middle of April. To help prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus and make the situation a bit better the Government has proposed a set of preventive measures which most of the companies follow.

Following the situation on a daily basis, we have undertaken a set of measures to protect our employees’ wellbeing, and on the other hand to ensure continuous delivery of value to our customers.

Here is a quick overview of how we handle the Coronavirus situation:


Since the Government’s recommendations are to work from home, where possible, our people are allowed to work from home until decided differently. Except for working remotely, we advised our employees to:

  • limit the contact with other people
  • limit going out
  • postpone any traveling that they have arranged
  • spend the time wisely with their family – now is a good time to spend the days with the people you have at home and get more closer
  • work on self-improvement – read the book that you always wanted to read, take that online course which you didn’t have time to take, exercise at home, improve even your cooking skills, or work on some DIY projects – you can come up with some really great ideas
  • KEEP YOUR HYGIENE on a high level – if you do have to go out, remember to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water, or an alcohol-based rub
  • if you do go out, keep minimal distance >1 meter
  • and follow Government’s recommendations.


One of the things that we most cherish and is the most important for us is integrity, i.e. our commitment to do whatever it takes to keep our word. Even in this time of crisis, our clients can be assured that we will continue providing the service just as we did before. How?

First of all, we are grateful to our SysAdmins who are constantly working on improving and maintenance of our systems, and we can say without fear that all our internal systems are working as they should even in the worst-case scenario.

Continuous maintenance prevents downtime period. – This is what we do all the time.

And most importantly, we are grateful to the employees that we have, their patience, contribution, and trust – we know that you are committed to what you do and that you will support us even at this time.

Finally, we will just say Take care of yourself and others!