April Fools’ Day During COVID-19

01 Apr, 2020 | 2 minutes read

Today is April Fools’ Day – the day when jokes to friends, relatives, and colleagues are made, and also the day when masquerades are being organized, in one word it is a day which is celebrated with pranks and laughter.

But, let’s get back a bit to the history and the origins of April Fools Day and then we will get back to present. It is said that April’s Fools Day came as a result of the people that kept the tradition of celebrating New Year on st April after the Gregorian calendar was adopted in the late 1500s. They called these people “fools” so that’s why the day got its name.

However, things have changed a bit – what remains is the pranks and laughter that is being made. Different countries celebrate this day in different ways. Let’s take for example France. In France, this day is also known as Poisson d’Avril which translated means April Fish. So, French people stick an image of fish on the back of someone else/the victim – this is usually done in schools – and it continues until the “victim” discovers it.

In our country, we celebrate it by organizing masquerades and making pranks to the close people around us. And since this year is a bit different than the previous years, we cannot organize a masquerade, so we have to find new ways of keeping the spirit of April Fools Day. Here are some suggestions:

1) You are at home and you have your family around you – you can still make pranks to them and make sure that you make a video of them – you will have what to laugh at later 🙂

2) We are all online these days – why don’t you use Viber messages, Skype, or Social Media to make people laugh?

3) Since we are all working from home, we can do it even within our company – ask your employees to put a mask and have a video call of 15 minutes where you will all laugh, or you can also ask your employees – those that have kids of course – to mask them and send you a picture of them. We have started a competition on the best mask for April Fools’ Day and tomorrow we will have the winner. 🙂

4) Share a Jokes Newsletter within your company – the jokes can be related to the specific area that you are working in, or completely random.

These are only 4 ways which can be employed to keep and lift the spirit up. And regardless of the Coronavirus situation, here are several IT jokes which maybe you have seen them, but we will put them again to make you laugh:

Blond Computer Joke | Computer jokes, Computer humor, Blonde jokes
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Cloud computing . . .
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wifi humor | He Has Wi-Fi | From Funny Technology - Google+
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Funny Pin , Like , Share :) hay so that's what happened lol
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I hope that in these uncertain times, you laughed a bit. 🙂 Did you prank someone today?