Adapting to the New Way of Work & Life – Week 7

05 May, 2020 | 4 minutes read

We start this update with some excellent news worldwide and on a company level. We want to express our feelings of excitement and optimism for the news coming from around the world. New Zealand and Australia announced that they have won the battle with COVID-19 – this is a fact that I’m sure will be celebrated around the world. The number of infected people is below 10, and according to the news the chances for new cases are minimal. 

In addition, the number of infected people in Macedonia has greatly decreased, and in Bitola, the location of our main office, there are no new cases and only 4 people in the recovery phase. We are grateful that Bitola is also winning against the COVID-19 battle. This gives us the feelings of happiness, hope, and appreciation of all the things that the government and the people in our country, and worldwide are doing.

Given the above facts, this week we started the phase of getting back to working from our offices. The process will start slow and measured, we will not all get back to the offices immediately, but we are happy that the process started, and we want to share this exciting news with you. Our hope is that there will be similar positive news in your home town as well.

All this excitement was in time for the Macedonian celebration of the International Labor Day. We use the occasion to say Happy Labor Day to you and your colleagues, we hope that you find happiness and satisfaction in the work that you do. We believe in the philosophy that if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life, and we hope that this is true for you as well. 

As week 7 was a short week for us due to the Labor Day holiday on Fri, we have a short update of what we did:

  • COVID-19 has pushed e-commerce as the top company trend. We are all shopping from home, and this will continue even after the isolation period ends. Some of the companies may have already set up their e-commerce stores, while others are still in the process of doing so. Because we believe that helping society and people is of core essence, we have created a series of mini-tutorials of How to create an e-commerce shop using Laravel and Commerce Tools. You can find the mini-tutorials in our blog section, and soon we will have a webinar where we will show the solution.
  • We have received very positive feedback on our article How to create a customer contact center in the cloud fast. That’s why we have decided to organize a webinar, in our iDiscovered series, where our AWS Practice Lead, Katerina, will show us how to create a customer contact center in the cloud. The webinar will take place on May 7th, at 7 PM CEST, and if you want to hear all about it and discuss this topic, you can register for the event here. In case you miss this, we will also have a YouTube live link on the day of the event. We hope that we will see you there!
  • We started our Knowledge Sharing webinars and articles campaign in May. We believe that this way we can contribute to everyone that might be faced with challenges in a particular area. You will be able to check the list of the upcoming webinars on our website and decide which one you would like to attend. If you also want to take part in some of the webinars or have an idea for a joint webinar, you can contact our marketing team. They will be more than happy to organize something that will be beneficial for everyone.
  • When working from home it is difficult to keep the closeness that we have when we are in the office. But, because it is in our nature to adapt to new situations, we have devised 4 ways of keeping the family closeness that we once had. You can check them in our blog post Four ways to give your team the feeling of closeness
  • We have completed our Family Workout sessions. You can find all of the videos here. We are proud that many people positively reacted to the videos, starting with our employees. They said that they have been doing the exercises along with their children, and it was a great family-bonding time. Knowing that we have helped someone in tough times makes us happy and motivates us to do even more. 
  • Last but not least of importance, last week we had the question What’s the one song that you cannot imagine a party without? in our Skype group conversation IW Positive Thoughts. It was an awesome way to make people party while working ? You can check some of the songs on our website, and we would be also glad if you share with us one song that you cannot imagine a party without. 

If you missed an update, or just want to refer to past content, you can find a summary on our website:

Until our next update, stay safe!