Adapting to the New Way of Work and Life – Week 8

12 May, 2020 | 3 minutes read

Week 8 of working from home is behind us. As you have noticed in our past two updates, some positive news is being echoed across the world, we started feeling slightly relieved about the COVID-19 situation. We are still very cautious, but we also stay very optimistic. The recovery phase has already begun, and we are more than ready to proceed with providing value and partnering with you, our clients, and partners, to make the best out of the transition period and figure out what our new normal looks like. Restrictions are being relaxed and we are looking forward to the economy restarting on a world level as well.

As week 8 is behind us, here is the info on what we have done: 

  • Past week was the start of our Knowledge Sharing Webinar series and we will continue with the same agenda in the next 3 weeks. Our goal is to create more content and to engage more people in all areas of interest that we have, as well as find other productive ideas, or problems people are facing, solving, or interested in hearing more about. Please let us know if you have any topics of interest, and we will try to cover them in one of our webinars. Moreover, we’d love to have you as a guest!
  • On Monday, May 4th, we had our event on Building a Resilient Business where our management team discussed what we are doing to build a resilient business that survives in all types of climate, including the pandemics. If you didn’t have the chance to attend the event, we encourage you to check it out here. We are glad that a lot of the attendees found something valuable and tips/tricks they can implement in their business. We thank you for your time and feedback. We are always open to discussions around this topic, let us know if we can maybe brainstorm together on this or similar topics.
  • On Thursday, May 7th we had a webinar on how to Create a Customer Contact Center in the Cloud, and we used AWS Connect to solve the problem. We had a lot of interest and the recording is available here How to create a customer contact center in the cloud fast.
  • On Friday, May 8th we covered an E-Commerce Shop using Laravel and Commerce Tools. If you are interested in watching it, it will be available on our YouTube Channel, starting tomorrow. Our website features a 3-part blog on the same topic
  • This week the webinar topics are around JMeter performance and functional tests on Azure DevOps. You can register for the webinar here. We will be glad to see you there, and in case you miss it, you will be able to find it on our YouTube Channel.
  • To further our goal of supporting the local community and young professionals, our colleagues are working on delivering free local online workshops for Frontend vs Backend development and Using the Scrum Process to Optimize Your Delivery.

As we are getting close to restarting our work from the office, we will start sharing our updates weekly going forward. In the meantime, you can follow our events via our social media channels.

If you missed an update, or just want to refer to past content, you can find a summary on our website:

Until our next update, stay safe and healthy!