Adapting to the New Way of Work and Life – Week 5 and 6

30 Apr, 2020 | 5 minutes read

With Easter behind us, we are extremely happy to see the world becoming one. Companies and governments are trying hard to decrease COVID-19 effects on their people in terms of layoffs, huge donation activities are taking place for the healthcare workers, the teachers, and the homeless population. Communities and neighbors are helping each other by delivering groceries to elderly people, and people who cannot do that for themselves.

We can see that some European countries are slowly reopening, and the USA has a three-phase plan and certain states are ready to dive in. The recovery phase will be our reality very soon, and it’s up to us to plan on how that progress will look like.

Operationally, we are seeing a little higher impact on our business, and our contingency plan is being executed for the short term and the long term. We are forecasting our future with the recovery starting to become a reality in the next month, and we are preparing to make organizational as well as process changes in anticipation of that recovery. It’s hard to predict how World 2.0 would look like and our focus is on creating exponential value for our customers by introducing ideas on how to improve eCommerce, how to use data to identify significant efficiencies with the one view of the customer, and how to significantly improve the overall customer experience (especially by improving the call centers).

We are grateful to our clients, and employees who are helping us during this time by giving their suggestions, and support, and placing their trust in us.

Here are some updates of week 5 & 6 work-from-home:

  • The results from our webinar on How to organize your remote team efficiently by using Atlassian tools have shown that it has been really beneficial for all those challenged with the situation. To make the information that we shared available, even for those who couldn’t attend the webinar, we compiled a Downloadable Guide which can be found on our website.
  • Our IW ColorMe mobile application for the youngest members of the family has been on the market for over a week now. In the manner of contribution, and care, we decided to offer the mobile application to our clients, with their branding. If you like to have a mobile application designed and created with your logo, and company details, please get in touch with our marketing team.
  • COVID-19 has affected everyone, and every industry in the world, including the marketing industry. It made us change our plans overnight and start executing them immediately. We created a blog post in which you can read about all the changes within our marketing department and the marketing industry in general. Check it out here: How has our marketing department changed during COVID-19?
  • Our Skype group conversation named IW Happy Thoughts keeps showing a very positive influence. Last week, we decided to share the most inspirational quotes, our favorite movie quotes, as well as what we listen to while we are working. Here is a list of Music recommended by InterWorks employees.
  • This month we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our office in Prilep, our second office, and since then we’ve opened a third and fourth office. Last year, we had an Open Day, and this year we celebrated it online, but we will make sure to have a proper party once all this is finished. We are grateful to all of you for being with us all these years, and for making the 2nd birthday of our Prilep office happen. It wouldn’t have been possible without our closest family – our employees, clients, and partners.
  • For the celebration of Orthodox Easter, we virtually entered the homes of our employees, for a sneak peek of their Easter decorations. You can see part of their creativity in our blog post.
  • We also continued the series of family workouts, you can find the videos here, and we also continued our CrossFit Workouts from home.
  • Last but not least, we hope you’ll find our SalesForce Robot Testing demo interesting as this is just a sample of what we’re cooking up in the background, and how we’re getting ready to expand our value for customers and partners.
  • We had our 3rd all-employee meeting, where the management addressed all kinds of questions that the employees had, and we discussed the future actions regarding the recovery phase that we are entering. We addressed some of the business challenges caused by some of our clients being financially hurt by COVID-19 and also explored some of the opportunities that were created by the same situation.
  • We had our 3rd webinar in the iDiscovered series, where we talked about Azure and how it can help businesses stay ahead in times of pandemics. You can watch it here, and soon you will be able to check the blog post related to it on our website.
  • Related to all the webinars that we have, and the situation we are in, we are organizing a completely different webinar, where our management team will discuss what we do in order to build a resilient business. Anyone that is interested in discussing this topic, please join us. We will be glad to hear your opinions on the topic, and it would be an honor to hear how you have been successful in creating and running resilient businesses. Building a resilient business.
  • We have a new blog “How to ensure optimal security during work from home” by using AWS ClientVPN. We know that every company has a Business Continuity Plan which is activated during an unplanned potential disruption of service. However, sometimes challenges might appear related to security and continuous delivery of service. Because we have been involved in solving those challenges, we decided to have it all documented in a blog post and case study, which can be found on our website.
  • COVID-19 has pushed many call centers into uncharted territories and has exposed critical gaps in capabilities for many companies. This has become very dangerous for companies whose eCommerce lines of business have expanded significantly, or they are dealing with a huge influx of calls due to the overall situation, i.e. Airlines or Banks (they simply tell you not to call them! How about that for customer service?). You may find our latest article on this topic, “How to create a customer contact center in the cloud fast” because we believe that being available for your customers is paramount, but now more than ever!
  • We continued with our Family Workouts and the Online CrossFit Workouts twice per week for our employees.
  • During the quarantine weekend, we started a competition for our young ones, i.e. Draw your parents while working from home ?. We wanted to engage them and see how they perceived the job of their parents. You will be able to see a blog post in our Corona blog section or access it directly here. We believe it’s interesting to understand our children’s view of the world and help them understand what’s going on, or have them describe it in their own ways.
  • We are looking for positive quotes that made an impact on you, if you have one you would like to share, please do. You can check out ours here!

This would be all for week 5 and week 6 of work-from-home. Next week, we will have our update for week 7 and 8.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!