Neptune Connector

Leverage the power of Mule to simplify integration with Amazon Neptune.

Anypoint Connectors allow easy integration of MuleSoft applications with third-party APIs and standard integration protocols. They are used within the application’s flow to send and receive data via a protocol or specific API. There are many Mule connectors in the  MuleSoft Connectors Library site, but there is also a chance to develop a custom connector that simplifies integration, speeds up the development process, and greatly reduces the friction of learning a custom module.

⋮IW Neptune Connector provides data connectivity and allows users to query, update, delete graph data using SPARQL Query Language.

The Neptune connector supports the following operations:

  • Select
  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Describe
  • Construct
  • Ask

What it does

  • Extracts raw values from a SPARQL endpoint
  • Inserts triples
  • Removes triples
  • Provides a list of resources or variables that you wish to be described
  • Returns a new collection of RDF triples based on the results of the query and a template
  • Tests whether or not a query pattern has a solution

Key Features

  • Secure Connection
  • Could be reused at all integration points to a system
  • Significant reduction in the friction of learning a custom module
  • Simplifies integration
  • Reduces development issues and rework
  • Increases developer’s productivity
  • Integrates faster to save time and money

Note: This connector module works only with Mule 4 and Studio 7.