Error Handling

Working in a fast-paced environment requires creating reusable solutions for accelerating development processes. Having efficient error handling is as important as having a well-structured application. The errors and exceptions have to be properly handled in order to have a complete and robust application. Our error handling library has been created for that purpose. It resolves most of the common errors that can occur during application execution. By plugging in in any project it reduces development time. It is one of the parts that standardize projects by using it as a global error handler. This way all flows and Try scopes are handling the errors in the same way. The usage of already prepared error handling eliminates many possible bugs that can occur. Additionally, the accelerator is integrated with Jira, and once an exception occurs, a ticket in the tracking system is automatically created.


  • Catch, translate, format, and log errors;
  • Send a cloudhub notification;
  • Create Jira tickets.

What it does

  • User-friendly error interpretation
  • Cloudhub notification for certain error types
  • Automated ticket creation in Jira for defined error types

Key Features

  • Efficient and clear error management
  • Notifications to the parties involved regarding previously defined types of error
  • Automated process for bugs creation in Jira
  • Simple to configure and plug-in in any project
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Enhanced efficiency and shortened development time
  • Easier monitoring and troubleshooting