A ChatBot – Not a futuristic notion anymore, rather a reality for you!

We live in a digitalized era, an era where almost all of our actions are performed on our smart devices, and we live a life on the insanely famous social platforms. All this digitalization, and living in a complete different world made Artificial Intelligence not to be just an imaginary topic, but something which can be widely used to simplify the interaction between humans and computers even more.

What we are talking about here is nothing more but ChatBots – the ultimate solution that can ease communication.

⋮IWConnect Conversational Bot is specifically designed to help you in spreading the word about your company on social networks. The bot will be the first public face of the company and will provide answers to frequently asked questions in a natural manner, which is great info about the company.

Using the power of NLP and ML built inside AWS Lex, our chatbot can overcome language inconsistencies and make conversations smooth and natural.

Meet Amazon Lex Chatbot and let it be your personal assistant

  • Specify the basic conversation flow and Lex will take care of the rest;
  • Allow Lex to get familiar with your business – connect it to custom data sources;
  • Allow Lex to speak for you on your web page chat or Facebook chat.
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