Unlike most of my colleagues working in IT, I wasn’t passionate about computers and robots from an early age, but I have always been mind-boggled by the fascinating way nature works, how people have managed to solve different challenges through the years, advanced technology, and built such complex socio-economic relationships. Having all these interests together with my natural curiosity, helped me be a good and successful student in many different fields. But it was also very hard for me to decide on which University to go to and decide on “only one” career path.

I remember at the end of High School I was preparing for preliminary exams for 3 totally different Universities: Molecular Biology, Economics, and Information Technologies. Surprisingly I didn’t choose Information Technology back then, but instead, I decided to study Economics. I was intrigued by the complexity of socio-economics sciences and doctrines and motivated to master macroeconomics in order to make a positive impact on society as a whole.

And, while I was enjoying studying macroeconomics, finances, business, and the development of economics at UKIM, I became a member of AIESEC and that was a great decision I made career-wise. I become part of a great network of like-minded enthusiasts from all over the world, had a chance to live and work abroad in great companies and gain valuable experience. In my early career, I was working in the field of financial analysis and my attention was immediately captured by the interesting systems and technologies that were making all these complex processes run so smoothly.

I started to get more and more interested in business technologies, process optimizations, and analysis techniques and even took a master’s degree in Business Informatics to better learn technologies that support business and drive innovations. Technologies and systems are inevitable and inseparable part of any process nowadays, the dependency of business activities on technology is undeniable in each segment, and in the near future companies will strive to gain a competitive advantage by pursuing innovation in these technologies supporting their business processes. It’s such an exciting and interesting world, I sincerely feel lucky to be at the front-line helping businesses on this path as a business analyst. I am grateful for this every day, because there is nothing better than working on subjects you are truly passionate about, and in my case, I even get to combine my passions about business and technologies.

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